Photo by @CristinaMittermeier. A beautiful iceberg reflects itself on the mirrorlike surface of the Antarctic sea. Like silent giants, these ice sculptures are birthed from the ice shelf of the continent and as they slowly melt, shaped by currents, storms, and winds, they remind us of how beautiful and fragile this ecosystem is. What I learned from a month spent photographing the Antarctic Peninsula for an #assignment for @natgeo, is how all elements of life here are tied to healthy ice. My hope is that our work will help protect parts of this important part of our ocean. * * * To see more images from this amazing expedition, #followme at @cristinamittermeier. @paulnicklen, @ladzinski, @andy_mann, and @craigwelch for @natgeo and @natgeopristineseas #nature #love #ocean #ice #beauty #photooftheday #photographersforantarctica #stopclimatechange