Photo by @FransLanting Happy Face? We can’t help but see ourselves in other animals. And when they have round heads, big eyes, and a smile like human babies the appeal is especially strong. But is this young elephant seal really happy? Or should we be happy that elephant seal populations were able to rebound from near-extinction after they were killed for their oil throughout the 19th century? The commercial slaughter of elephant seals, whales, and other marine mammals that killed millions of them finally came to an end when the animals were virtually wiped out. Let’s be grateful that seals and whales are protected now in the waters around South Georgia, but let’s also pay attention to what’s happening now throughout the Antarctic region. Follow @leonardodicaprio, and also follow @paulnicklen, @ladzinski, and @cristinamttermeier, who have just returned from an Antarctic assignment for @natgeo, to learn more about how climate change is affecting the land, ice, and wildlife of Antarctica. Follow me @FransLanting for more images and stories about seals and other animals from the amazing island of South Georgia off Antarctica.
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