Really touched by @tessa_blanchard's words below. I'm producing an autobiographical film called "Fighting With My Family" and needed to have the BEST women's wrestlers on the planet. Tessa's one of the best. Loved her energy, passion and work ethic. What also caught my attention was her extreme level of humility when I was in the ring with her. Stuff you don't see that often these days from Superstars. Best part about Tessa, I had NO IDEA she has iconic wrestling bloodlines. #BlanchardOhana
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Sometimes you get a chance to meet people and they touch your life. @therock did just that, he worked intently with myself and @theatrinidadtmt to create something so beautiful words can't explain it. For someone who is so high profile in the industry, he cares so much about the success of others. Something that stuck with me is when he said "Respect is given when it is earned." Since I've started wrestling, I've always wanted to go above & beyond working on my craft so that when comments are made about success coming from solely my name... I know in my heart that it's a load of crap. Talking with DJ, he didn't know I was a Blanchard from the Blanchard wrestling family until after our match and we were in the back. That touched my heart because to me, that meant that everything he said was based solely on me and my work. It gave me reassurance. Reassurance that I can do this and I was meant to do this, not only am I carrying on a legacy but I'm forging my own path while doing it. I'm so blessed to be apart of telling the story of the #KnightFamily - this film is truly something special and meaningful. 💎 If there is something you want to do and you feel it in your heart, you need to trust your gut and DO IT. You might be no good at first, that's okay.. but you never let that get to you and you never stop trying. Above all else, have FAITH. I honestly believe the future belongs to those who believe in their dreams; go out, be the absolute hardest worker in the room & embrace every opportunity. When there is teamwork and unity, there is so much strength & absolutely anything can be achieved. #SevenBucksProds #MischerFilms #fightingwithmyfamily