This is a big one we've been working on.
Very excited to roll up the sleeves and work on building out this huge property with our @Disney partners.
This #JungleCruise script was hand delivered to me personally (on the set of Ballers) by my good bud and Walt Disney's President of Production, Sean Bailey.
Read the script twice that weekend and LOVED IT! Thank God, the script didn't suck because Sean drove over an to deliver it.
What really got me excited when I was reading it, was the bigger story here is so much more than just the words on the page.
It's the massive opportunity to create and deliver this level of quality and FUN to families around the globe.
The movie, the ride, the fantastical world, the experience.
Myself and @danygarciaco are pumped up. This is the first step of many. Up next, we find our visionary director and we'll have approximately 12months of research, development, creativity and course the magic sauce... IMAGINATION.
Shooting slated to start April 2018.
As always, I'll do my best to not screw this whole damn thing up.
It's the cruise of a lifetime.. and I'm your skipper. #JungleCruise #AllAboard #WhosGotMyBeer? 🤙🏾