Day dreaming of this place // by @drewtrush // NASA has recently released a new map of earth's "night lights”, showing how the lights of human activity shine around the world. It’s getting harder for a lot of people to see the stars, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to find what stargazers refer to as Dark Sky sites. The Bortle scale, was created in 2001 by John E. Bortle to help amateur astronomers evaluate the dark sky potential of stargazing sites. A nine point scale, at Class 1, over 5,000 stars are visible and the Milky Way begins to take on a three dimensional shape as shadows are cast on dust clouds 390 Light-years away. Here, you can see the Sagittarius Star Cloud as well as the Prancing Horse Dark Dust Cloud. My favorite Dark Sky site recently has been the Temple of the Moon, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah while on a family road trip. How bright are the lights at night where you live, how many stars can you see? •

Click the link in my bio to learn more and see the new NASA maps.
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