Photo by @renan_ozturk // First ascent climbing adventures in Western Nepal. No fixed ropes, no teams of porters, just two women forging up unclimbed terrain with the packs on their backs. The focus of this expedition story was the partnership of these two ground breaking Nepali women. When they left basecamp, we essentially handed a camera and the story over them, to tell it in the most intimate POV possible. Mostly they climbed through a snowstorm but I was lucky enough to find Pasang and Sareena for a few sunset moments, pushing the drone to almost 6000 meters. Pictured here is @sodapopchamling waiting out a cold belay as @pasang_lhamu_sherpa_akita heads into unclimbed territory above! ~ with @jetbutterflies @climber.abiral @rudy.le @irish_goodbye @camp4collective

Location:    Nepal

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