Garage Startup Life Vol. 1: View From The Lobby

Some people know this view. Most people walk by without a second thought. To the entrepreneur working out of their home garage this is an opportunity goldmine.
For past two years I've sat here and listened. I've heard people celebrate milestones, work through presentation jitters, and agonize over funding drying up.
One thing I've noticed is that there is no right time to make an introduction. You just have to walk up and say "Hi", "Hello", or just "What's up?". By listening you will learn.
Now don't be mistaken. By stepping into the situation you have to think on your feet. The key is, if you persist in your efforts you will have success.
You never know what's going to happen so put yourself in a position to make things happen.
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    We always love having you Thad! 👊