Photo by @FransLanting A newborn chimp baby lies cradled on her mother’s chest. To be this close to wild chimpanzees requires trust. It took us several weeks of following one group of chimps on foot in a remote part of Senegal before they felt comfortable enough with us to allow this proximity. The day I made this photo was a breakthrough: The little chimp and her mom both dozed off in front of us—less than 60 feet away. Chimps and bonobos are our nearest relatives on the great tree of life, but we’re not treating them like family—they are all endangered. Habitat loss and the bushmeat trade are impacting their lives wherever they occur in west and central Africa. We urge you to support the organizations that are trying to make a difference, including the World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, the Jane Goodall Institute, and Neighbor Ape, founded by primatologist Jill Pruetz, an Emerging Explorer for National Geographic with whom we worked on assignment for @natgeo. Thank you, Jill, for your superb work with the chimps in Senegal.
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