Photo by @martinschoeller
Martin: “Where are you from?”
Antoine: “I’m from Miami.”
M: “Why did you come out here?”
A: “I want to be a singer, actor, model, the greatest entertainer [laughter]."
M: “Do you feel like you were being held back in Miami?”
A: “It was more of a challenge with my sexual identity. I needed space to figure out what I wanted in my life. It wasn’t my choice that I am attracted to both sexes. That was my struggle, like trying to figure out who I am. My sexual identity and to embrace being feminine and to embrace being masculine."
M: “How do you identify your sexuality?”
A: “Me, I’m just androgynous. I’m not a transgender, which I could pretend, but I will never be. And I’m not just a regular guy, which clearly is the case. [laughter] I’m different. I love being androgynous. There should be more awareness, it should be more celebrated here like it is overseas.”
M: "David Bowie was androgynous and bisexual.”
A: “Yeah. He was awesome. I would love to be as great as him. Grace Jones, like that’s how I kinda like got drawn into the androgyny field. That’s what made me not feel like I was just a freak show.”
M: “And were your parents accepting of you being different or was it tough as a kid?”
A: “Oh, at first it was a struggle being angry with myself. It wasn’t necessarily them because... my mother, she accepted me for who I am. She knew I was special, she knew I was different. It was just I had to accept myself.”
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