Photograph by @paulnicklen // Just minutes old, a newborn elephant seal pup opens its eyes for the first time and greets its new world of ice, snow and wind on the Island of South Georgia, Antarctica. At birth, an elephant seal weighs approximately 50 pounds but within 3 weeks, it may reach an astonishing 400 pounds from its mothers rich milk. She will then wean her pup and head back to sea to replenish her own depleted resources. Now that #Oceansweek is over, let’s continue to celebrate all creatures in the sea and realize the fragility of our oceans and how we are all interconnected. Our oceans are the foundation of all life on Earth. #followme on @paulnicklen to see my favorite member of the pinniped family. @sea_legacy #antarctica #seal #tbt #instagood #worldoceansweek