Back to School!

For most Parents in the Houston Texas HISD area, today marks the 1st day for them and Their kids to get back to a place of peace and normalcy after coping with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey... Please Join us as We pray That GOD's Will to Be done on this day, here on Earth! Praying for All of those Kids returning back to school, especially The ones who are still displaced in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey. Our prayer is that GOD eases Their Transition and that HE restores All that was lost back to them in abundance And more. Prayers for a Safe and Successful School Year.
It is In Jesus Name, Amen!

#HurricaneHarvey #TexasStrong



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    Back to school is a great opportunity to teach our children about the power of their own thoughts and the power in their hearts. Amidst the terrible tragedy in Texas came so much love, kindness, caring and friendship. We would love to donate Magelica books to your book club so that you can keep sharing positivity and hope with the kids of Texas. Please DM me the address to send. 💚💚💚

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