I have an outlook of Africa 2030- Africa as a people and not a continent.
Back in Toronto I had gained for myself a connection with different people, beliefs and traditions. It was shocking to see how our people are devotees, it wasn’t religion but they were converted. For them it became a battle, a hard choice between recognition and identification. I wanted to experience and not to change who I am. I wanted my dream to be influenced by what I possess and not what I need. Channeling all my resource into becoming what I should, I had an expectation of success in the pursuit of my goals. My inspiration soon became a hesitation like most Africans who left home. Choices could be influenced but decisions are from within. Though I learnt not to put my faith in man, but with you I know, we could change the fate of Africa. It takes a man to make a path, he makes a way and others had followed. You caused the change, you made my decision and it was this…

Model/Shirt design by [Déji] @deji_kalakuta
Photograph/Story by @melony_photography
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